About Us

Who we are?

We are LOKENATH MISSION of New York, we are a NON-PROFIT organization. We organize events to commemorate and spread the divine life of Baba Lokenath among the devotes and people.


Our vision is to propagate and encourage a wholesome and holistic way of life based on the tenets and philosophy of Baba Lokenath.

Our Team

Every person influenced by the positive vibes of life is a part of our team. All those who know the divine self of Baba is our team. All those who are in the lookout for a source of illumination to light up the path of life is with us.”


“রণে বনে জলে জঙ্গলে যখনই বিপদে পড়িবে, আমাকে স্মরণ করিও, আমিই রক্ষা করিব।” – লোকনাথ ব্রহ্মচারী

“Whenever you are in danger, whether in ocean or in war or in the wild, remember Me. I shall save you. You may not know Me. You may not realize who I am. Just pray to Me with a little touch of your heart and I shall free you from gripping sorrows and miseries.” – Lokenath Brahmachari