Tirodhan Utsab 2022

Tirodhan Utshab of Baba Lokenath
Lokenath Utsav 2022

Lokenath Mission of New York is proud to announce the 24th annual celebration of the Tirodhan Utsav of Sri Baba Lokenath Brahmachari on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at Gujrati Samaj Hall.

A daylong event starts with puja, puspanjali, prasadham, Gita path, Kirtan, Sandhya Arati, MahaPrasadham followed by a cultural event performed by the artist from India to enrich our hearts and souls with their devotional songs.

We will be honored by your presence with your family, loved ones, and friends in the forthcoming Utshab. Join us to make our 24’th annual celebration a continued success.


Welcome to Lokenath Mission of New York, the oldest Lokenath Mission of the NYC.  We were established on 1998. And since 1998 we’re celebrating Lokenath Utsab on the disappearance day of Baba Lokenath. We are a spiritual, religious, non-profit, non-political, charitable, cultural, and community based organization established to fulfill the religious and spiritual driven path guided by Baba Sri Sri Lokenath Brahmachari.


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The Gita is a melody; it is a song. No music lover just reads the music. He must need to listen to it to realize its rhythm and harmony. The Eternal Lord has been singing this divine song from time immemorial in the hearts of millions. But we are always busy thinking about the past, doing the present and dreaming about the future, hence we never hear this song.
– Baba Lokenath