Canceled: Tirodhan utsab of 2020 due to COVID

Welcome to Lokenath Mission of New York, the oldest Lokenath Mission of the NYC.  We were established on 1998. And since 1998 we’re celebrating Lokenath Utsab on the disappearance day of Baba Lokenath. We are a spiritual, religious, non-profit, non-political, charitable, cultural, and community based organization established to fulfill the religious and spiritual driven path guided by Baba Sri Sri Lokenath Brahmachari.

Joy Baba Lokenath!

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Setting Right Your Instruments of Body and Mind

The whole of the universe, and indeed, the entire myriad of universes, are nothing but manifestations of energy or vibrations in different levels. When you feel low, you say, “I am low on energy.” When you feel buoyant and vikrant with joy, you say, “I am full of energy.” These feelings are nothing but different levels of vibrations in your physical body and mind. In order to get up and go, you–‘teed energy; even when you sit and meditate, when you draw yourself in, you need energy. Life is the play of energy. From the frthest stars to the nearest blade of grass, .each aspect of creation plays in symphonic liar mony with every other aspect, in order to manifest the ever-changing forms of infinite rcativity.

The more focused you are to your inner to your mind and to your breath, the calmer you will become. As the chatter of your mind calms down, you will feel that your body is not a pack of bones and blood, but a bundle of energy, vibrating and dancing all the time, even when you are deep asleep.

Even scientists, who are engrossed in their search ‘for the mystery of physical manifestations and life, find that everything in the universe, whether animate or inanimate, .at it’s subatomic level, is nothing but energy. The subtlest aspect of matter is pure energy, .and the grossest aspect of energy is seen as matter. When you perceive your body as made it is just an illusion; a deception.

The reality of your body comes from the world of quantum physics; you are really a void, a space, where energy and consciousness are dancing a cosmic ballet.

Further, this energy is not devoid of intelligence. Energy is infinitely intelligent. Within your own body, every organ and every cell is vibrazienergy with infinite intelligence. All confion is born in the mind, where energy is pliying randomly. If you truly want to rise above these confusions, first you have to set right the instruments of your body and mind, using the practice of observing the incredible mystery of energy that makes our life possible in this planet. Being mindful, watchful, prayerful, and utterly filled with gratitude allows you to become an intimate witness to what life continually showers from the abundance of Universe into out universe of Body-Mind.