LMNY Goals

Lokenath Mission of New York (a non-for-profit organization) established in 1999, request your assistance in achieving its goal to help the needy and unfortunate. The organization’s goal is to establish a mission in New York, by building a temple and providing outreach religious programs throughout the world for those that are unfortunate.

New York State and many organizations have acknowledged our cause and deemed it worthwhile to support us and partner with our organization. Sponsors and organizations support us through sponsorship, funding and giving charitable donations. We request your assistance to help us reach our goal.

Our charitable event provides holy offerings of God and Baba Lokenath musical events, songs dances and stage shows of Baba Lokenath’s message and life’s works by children and adults of all ages, artists and singers form India. People of different cultures and religious take part in this festive and cultural event.

To give you a brief synopsis of Baba Lokenath, Baba Lokenath was a spiritual leader and guidance for the needy and unfortunate in India over a hundred years ago. There are missions and outreach organizations located throughout India and the rest of the world that currently help children and families by providing food, clothing, shelter, emotional healing, education, place of worship, etc.

Please help us in our cause to reach out to the needy and unfortunate. With your help, we are one step closer to making those dreams of the needy turn into a reality.

May Baba Lokenath Bless US All.